How to Increase Natural Light Without Compromising on Privacy

Most homeowners want their homes to have plenty of natural light, so they add more windows and utilize glass doors and walls. These allow more natural light to enter, but the problem is that it exposes the home to the eyes of outsiders. Fortunately, we have gathered some answers to this issue. Below is a list of ways to add natural light to a building without compromising privacy.

Install light-colored window treatments

Adding a window to increase natural light inside a building won’t compromise privacy. As long as you install the light-colored window treatments to hinder neighbors’ view while allowing sunlight to enter. Lightweight and light-colored drapes and curtains may still block some of the sun’s rays, but not nearly as much as black curtains.

A multiwall polycarbonate system is another way to allow more natural light to enter a room while maintaining your privacy. It also adds structural strength and good thermal insulation in roof designs, skylights, and facades.

Install frosted glass windows

If you aim to keep your privacy while allowing natural light, your best choice could be frosted glass windows. Frosted glass windows, which come in various designs and patterns, will let in nearly all of the natural light from a standard window while protecting you against prying eyes. On the other hand, patterned designs will partially obstruct your view of the outdoors.

Add more mirror

Smart homeowners understand that strategically positioning mirrors around rooms may boost the illusion of natural light in their houses. When light strikes your home’s mirrors, the light bounces back and enhances the space. Hence, putting mirrors on the walls across your windows will allow more natural light in your house without sacrificing privacy.

Another option is to install mirrored ceilings and walls. However, they are costlier than placing multiple mirrors across the room.

Utilize color force

Dark-colored materials absorb more light while light materials reflect it. If you want to brighten a room with natural light, opt for neutral-colored walls. Light hues paint like yellows, pastel blues, and mint greens best reflect sunlight.

Mind where you place things

Adding more windows is not the only option to increase the natural lighting in a space. The proper furniture placement also works wonders to allow more light to pass through. For example, do not place big furniture where light usually enters as it will only block light streams. It’s also best to choose bright-colored furniture to give an illusion of a light-filled, spacious room. Also Read – Types of Franchises for Home Improvement & Repair

Plant shrubs

This tip is a bonus! Placing tall bushes outside your window allows natural light to enter without compromising your privacy. Tall bushes will block the view inside your home while allowing all the sunlight you want. With tall shrubs providing you privacy, you can freely open the windows wide. But, make sure to place the bushes not too close to the window to have a better view outside.

Final Thoughts

Overall, adding new windows is not the only option to let in more natural light in a room. Try some of the tips mentioned above to instantly brighten your space without the worry of compromising your privacy.