6 Types of Franchises for Home Improvement & Repair

Homeownership continues to climb, and along with that are opportunities for those skilled in home improvement and repair. Jobs with established businesses or working as an independent contractor or popular options to meet these needs.

However, instead of working for someone else, it may be time to branch out on your own and consider a franchise.

Choices are numerous these days when it comes to home inspection, home improvement, and repair franchises. But how do you know which one to choose? It will depend on several important factors, including your interests and abilities. It’s also important to look at where you live and what the needs are in that location and the surrounding communities.

With so many do-it-yourself shows, videos, and how-to articles available today, many people are jumping on the bandwagon and doing home improvements and repairs themselves.

The secret is to find a franchise that fills the areas that most prefer leaving to professionals. Below are six areas to consider and get in on now.

Remodeling Service Franchises

There is always someone in need of remodeling services for a specific room or area of their home. This can include taking down a wall and expanding a bedroom. Another is renovating or remodeling a bathroom or kitchen in a home, which is one of the best ways to add value.

Some remodeling service franchises focus on the total room renovation while others may only specialize in one area, such as bathtub and shower replacement or refinishing.

Another specific expertise needed is aging-in-place features to add to a home. Keeping elderly people in their homes while also allowing for mobility will continue to grow in opportunities. For this, you will be building or installing stairlifts and wheelchair ramps.

You may be asked to widen hallways for wheelchairs and walkers to fit through. The installation of adaptive features and technologies is another specialty area to consider.

Franchise business models in this area can vary. If you have various construction skills, this may be the perfect franchise area to pursue.

Outdoor Buildings and Features Franchises

Today there are numerous franchises that focus on adding to a home’s exterior and surrounding property. As people spend increasing time at home, even working out of them, they are seeking spaces to expand their activities.

Deck and patio buildings are valuable areas to focus in on as people are taking their entertainment outside. You may want to focus on designing and building decks, patios, porches, or even sunrooms. You can also specialize even further, such as in outdoor kitchens, built-in fire pits, or swimming pools.

People are also looking for more indoor space, but not necessarily attached to the home. This can be solved with outdoor builds, such as the addition of sheds, pool houses, and detached garages. You may even see a few treehouses in the mix as well.

Garage Door Installation and Maintenance Franchises

If you’ve ever been left outside of a malfunctioning garage door, you already know the frustration experienced. Garage door and maintenance franchises today provide everything from retail sales to design to installation and repairs.

You can find work with new home builders and also provide services for garage replacement, maintenance, and repairs to already installed doors.

New garage door designs, like the barn door, which look made popular recently, lead to homeowners wanting to switch out one for another to create a new exterior look to their houses.

Construction and mechanical skills will come in handy here, as well as physical strength, in order to be successful.

Home Inspection Franchises

A home inspection is ever crucial when buying a home, so expect this field to remain busy. You will be performing inspections of a home’s exterior as well as its interior. Each state has its own requirements for inspectors, so be sure to investigate those before getting started.

Once you become a home inspector, you will most likely work off of a compiled list and will need to complete a full, detailed report of your findings and any recommendations for each client.

You won’t be limited to buyer’s home inspections either. Branch out into a variety of services, including pre-listing home inspections and builder’s warranty inspections as well.

Interior Home Services Franchises

Not only do homeowners need exterior services, but they also need specific interior products and services. These vary, so you have several options to choose from when exploring franchise possibilities. A few of these include interior decorating, floor installation, and cleaning services.

Another top one is the installation of window treatments. Not everyone enjoys putting up blinds, drapes, or other window treatments, and will often hire someone to do this for them.

New businesses pop up occasionally in this field. For instance, you may want to consider providing home inventory services for homeowner insurance purposes and estate planning.

Home Automation and Security Franchises

Technology continues to improve, including that to be used inside the home. Home automation and security are two areas that will continue to see increases in franchise opportunities now and in the future.

Smart home or home automation businesses included the installation and set-up of a centralized system for the home. These include automation controls, sensors, and internet connections.

This is a high-tech business, so be prepared with your own understanding of how it all works and what the benefits are, as you may also need to sell these services and products to potential clients. If you’re looking for a franchise that continues to evolve and offer new opportunities, then you may want to look here.

Home security is another business growing in technological advances and can be a lucrative business franchise to choose from.

You have several opportunities when it comes to home improvement and repair franchises today. Identify those that interest you the most and reach out to established franchises in that field for more information.