B67 TV Tower the Real-Life Story Inspiration For Netflix’s Thriller ‘Fall’

If you’ve recently watched the thrilling Netflix film ‘Fall,’ you may be wondering about the B67 TV Tower showcased in the movie. Is it real? The answer is both yes and no. While the B67 TV Tower is based on a genuine structure, it’s not the exact one portrayed in the film.

The remarkable tower that served as inspiration for the B67 TV Tower is the KXTV Tower, situated in Walnut Grove, California. This tower, constructed in 1986, stands as one of the tallest structures worldwide. Originally used for broadcasting television and radio signals for KXTV and KOVR stations, it reaches a staggering height of 2,063 feet.

B67 TV Tower Real-Life Inspiration For Netflix's Thriller 'Fall'

During the production of ‘Fall,’ the filmmakers scoured multiple locations throughout California in search of a suitable tower for their storyline. Ultimately, they settled on the KXTV Tower. However, due to safety and logistical concerns, they were unable to film on the actual tower. Instead, they utilized it for establishing shots and recreated parts of it atop a 2,000-foot cliff in the Shadow Mountains.

The movie revolves around two thrill-seeking friends, Becky and Hunter, who are also passionate climbers. They embark on the daring task of scaling the B67 TV Tower, which is believed to be decommissioned and sealed off. However, their adventure takes a dangerous turn as they find themselves trapped at the tower’s peak with no means of descent. Struggling against severe weather, wild animals, and their own fears, they await rescue.

Although ‘Fall’ is not based on a true story, it draws inspiration from real-life incidents involving people climbing towers and encountering perilous situations. In 2017, for instance, firefighters had to rescue two men who scaled a 1,500-foot tower in Oklahoma City. Similarly, in 2019, a man tragically lost his life after falling from a 1,000-foot tower in Texas.

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The film also delves into the psychological effects of being stranded at such extreme heights, facing imminent danger. Director and co-writer Scott Mann aimed to create a gripping, anxiety-inducing experience for viewers, described as “claustrophobic.” He carefully selected actors who fearlessly embraced heights and were physically capable of shooting in such demanding conditions.

‘Fall’ is an enthralling and suspenseful thriller that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Additionally, it showcases both the awe-inspiring beauty and inherent dangers associated with one of the world’s most remarkable structures the B67 TV Tower.