7 Things Customers Want From a Loyalty Program

Beginning a loyalty program is something many companies look to as a way of engaging with their customers and creating brand loyalty. However, knowing where to start is often the biggest hurdle companies face. If you want to have a successful loyalty scheme, your first question should be ‘What do my customers want?’. Here are seven things customers want from a loyalty program.

1. Offer Valuable Rewards

One of the most important parts of successful customer loyalty programs is the value of the rewards.

The type of rewards you offer will differ depending on your business and your customers. However, it has to be something that the customer will consider of value to them.

2. Convenience

People have less time than ever to do their daily tasks and this means they won’t use anything that takes a lot of time.

If you want your customers to take advantage of your loyalty program, you need to ensure that it is fast to set up.

You can do this in a number of ways:

  • Offering sign-up via Google or Facebook so it is quick and easy.
  • Creating a one-stop app that can be downloaded quickly.

At every step of the process, consider if it can be completed faster.

3. Customers Want Simplicity

Keeping it simple is another essential aspect of your reward program. You need to ensure that becoming a member doesn’t involve too much hassle for the customer.

You can use new ways for customers to sign up. A survey said that 95% of loyalty scheme members want to engage with companies using new and emerging technology.

4. They Want to Feel Valued

Customers want to feel that they are more than just another number on a spreadsheet. If you treat them as valued customers, that can go a long way to creating loyalty.

They want the trust, friendliness, and closeness of a local small store with the convenience, choice, and low prices of a big store.

5. Exclusive Deals

Customers like nothing more than going to an exclusive VIP event, or getting a limited edition product just for members.

It makes customers feel special and valued which as you know, is important for brand loyalty. Customers are even willing to pay a premium to get access to such exclusive rewards. Also Read – Benefits of Using Retail Software For Your Business

6. Feeling Appreciated

In a similar way to feeling valued, customers also want to know that your business appreciates their patronage.

It doesn’t have to be an individual, hand-written letter to each customer, but a personalized email or message once in a while can go a long way.

7. Shared Values

Shoppers are becoming more discerned in their choices, and want the companies they use to share a similar ethos.

A survey stated that 89% of customers will remain loyal to a company that shares similar values.

This means looking at the current values your customers hold and genuinely seeking to follow similar principles.

Final Thoughts

These were seven things customers want from a loyalty program. If you can make your customers feel valued and respected, you can build a loyal and dedicated customer base.