How to Choose the Right Supplier to Buy Your Promotional Gear?

You may have been there before. You find a supplier, place an order, and then you wait for your promotional products to arrive. Sometimes, the product arrives on time, but sometimes, it doesn’t.

Unfortunately, there are several cases where suppliers don’t deliver on their promises but still get away with them. That’s because clients lack knowledge about what to look for in a supplier who will be responsible enough to meet deadlines and provide good service.

With Christmas just around the corner, now is a great time to avoid this headache by finding out how to choose the right supplier like ahead of time!

Here are some tips to know before choosing a supplier.

1) Ask for References

Most reputable suppliers will be happy to provide you with references from clients or suppliers who can inform you about their experience working together.

2) Confirm the Supplier’s Business Address

Don’t just take it for granted that suppliers will deliver to your home address. Confirm their business address before committing so that there aren’t any surprises further down the track. If you’re having any trouble getting hold of the supplier, try calling them after work hours as they might be more likely to answer then.

3) Confirm What Payment Methods are Available

Make sure that you know which payment terms are acceptable before committing. This can stress you out further down the line if it turns out that they only accept cash and not bank transfers like you had planned. Banks usually only charge a fee for international transfers, and this cost will be passed onto the client, so it’s better to find out sooner if that is the case.

4) Confirm Lead Times and Shipping Details

If your supplier doesn’t deliver on time, do they offer an extension? How much will that cost to upgrade the delivery method (i.e., airmail or courier)? Will they provide you with tracking information? These are questions to be answered before placing the order for promotional products like coffee mugs and drink bottles.

5) Avoid Suppliers that Don’t Publish their NZBN

If a supplier doesn’t provide you with their NZBN, then it’s a red flag. You do not want to be paying tax without an ABN because that would happen if the supplier didn’t provide one. It also means that they aren’t registered for GST. It means that your company turnover will increase dramatically, which you don’t want either.

If the NZBN is beginning with ‘NZ’, this means that it isn’t even valid. The number should begin with ‘9’. The next four numbers should match the company registration number displayed on their website, so make sure to check these numbers before committing.

6) Ensure that You Know the Supplier’s T&Cs Before Committing

Once again, this is a deal-breaker. You won’t want to be surprised with any additional fees or have your logo changed without permission. If you don’t mind these changes, make them clear in writing, so there aren’t any issues later down the track, and ask your supplier whether it’s possible to provide multiple design proofs. Also Read – Operating Income Formula | Overview | Example

7) Check that They Offer At Least Two or Three Colour Options

This may seem trivial, but it can save you from stress if you’re expecting a shipment soon and need those items to promote your company straight away. It’s always better to have a few more options available than not enough.

While finding and ordering from a supplier online may be a risk, you can make this an easier process by following these simple steps. Knowing your suppliers properly means that you’ll never encounter any unnecessary stress, especially before Christmas.