Can you still network effectively at an online event? Yes, you can…

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, almost all face-to-face settings and networking events have been forced to go digital, hosted on an online webinar platform. But, can you still network as effectively at an online event? Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can.

1. Ensure you include all your details on your profile

Most, if not all, digital networking events will require you to have a profile set up in order to join the event. These profiles typically must include your name, company, job title, contact information, and a photo.

If the profile has the opportunity for you to add more details about yourself, ensure that you include all the relevant skills, experience, and interests that might set you apart from the others. You might also like to link your profile to other accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Gmail so that participants of the networking event can efficiently find your online presence and get in touch.

2. First impressions count, so make a good self-introduction

Make sure that your introduction is confident, approachable, and clear. Though you might not be able to make eye contact or lead with a handshake like you would for an in-person event, you can still exude friendliness by ensuring that you smile and address the attendees personally where possible.

Make sure that your internet connection is stable, and your microphone and camera are working properly, before it is your turn to introduce yourself. There is nothing worse than beginning your introduction before realizing that no one can see or hear you.

3. Interact with other participants during discussions

During discussions, debates, virtual break times, or breakout sessions, make the effort to join in with the other participants. This might be a time to express your expertise in your specialist area, or a way to casually learn more about the other people attending the event.
However, don’t confuse confidence and enthusiasm for being domineering. You don’t have to be overbearing with your ideas in order to participate. Take the time to listen to what everyone else has to say, and address the attendee by name when replying or commenting on someone’s contribution. Also Read – 5 Essential Techniques to Help You Grow Your Business

4. Take advantage of live chat during the session

Most online networking events not only use video conferencing software, but also have an integrated live chat that runs throughout the session. The use of live chat in businesses has increased significantly during the coronavirus pandemic, with 54% of businesses stating that they dramatically increased their usage of this communication tool.

5. Remember to give out your contact details, and ask for others’

share your contact details

If you want to make sure that your new business contacts get in touch with you after the session, then there is just one simple tip you need to remember – be sure to give out your contact details and ask for everyone else’s, before the end of the session.

6. Follow up with the new connections you have made

And finally, once the online networking event is over, follow up with the people that you met during the session to solidify your correspondence. Let them know how excited you were to have met them, and how you might be able to assist one another in the future.
And now you know- can you still network effectively at an online event? Yes, you can.