What you need to recognize about routing and switching

Cisco Routing and Switching Solutions: The company’s network allows each employee to connect to other employees, customers. Also, business partners, mission-critical applications, and the Internet. The advantage of the network is you can share information and forms with your group. Please pay attention to the following factors.:

Where is the company software located? Online.

How are essential presentations shared between different members of your team? Through the network.

How are the important messages delivered to your employees and partners? Through the network.

Cisco Routing and Switching Solutions
Cisco Routing and Switching Solutions

What is routing and switching?

The principle of the network is to connect computers and peripherals. Hence, using two equipment components: switches and routers. These two components allow devices connected to your system to communicate with other networks.

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Although the routers and switches look very similar, they perform entirely different functions on the network:

Switches are used to connect a group of devices on the same network within a building or territory. For example, a switch can connect computers, printers, and servers, creating a network of shared resources. The switch can act as a controller, allowing various devices to share information and interact with other devices. Furthermore, providing information sharing and resource allocation, switches save you money and increase productivity. Cisco Routing and Switching Solutions

There are 2 main types of switches: managed and unmanaged.

The unmanaged switches operate according to a standard scheme. But it cannot be changed—unmanaged switches used in home networking equipment.

Routers are used to link multiple networks together. For example, you can use a router to connect networked computers to the Internet. Hence, sharing the Internet with many users. The router can act as a dispatcher. Choosing the optimal route for transmitting your information and ensuring its quick receipt.

Routers analyze the data sent over the network and change the method of packing the data. Send it to another network or another type of network. They connect your business with the outside world. Protect your information from security threats, and are even able to determine which computers take precedence over others.

Depending on your business and network plans, you can choose routers that support various features. These functions may include the following:

IP Phone Network: Combine the corporate computer and telephone networks. Using voice and conference technologies to simplify and unify your communications.

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Firewall: A specified software analyzes arriving data and safeguards your organization’s network from cyber-attacks.

Using routing and switching in enterprises

Routers & switches are the building blocks of all business communications, from data communication to vocal expression and video communication to wireless access. It can increase the company’s net profit by increasing productivity, reducing operating costs, and increasing the level of security and customer service. In particular, routers and switches support:

Application Sharing

  • Boost employee productivity
  • Give staff access to business applications

The constant connection of all employees to the same devices allows you to increase staff productivity. Cisco Routing and Switching Solutions also will enable you to provide access to advanced applications and use services such as IP-telephony, video conferencing, and wireless networks.

Speed ​​up access to information

  • Follow the events in the enterprise
  • Manage apps efficiently

Accurate and timely info is critical to making sound business decisions. Routing and switching provide an excellent overview of business information in real-time and provide a rational basis for effective decision making.

Customer Service Improvement

  • Improve responsiveness to customer requests
  • Provide simplified access to customer information

Modern customers expect a quick response and personal services in any interaction with your business, whether done by phone, email, or website. A responsive and reliable network is essential to provide your employees with quick access to customer information and to enable them to respond quickly and intelligently to meet customer requirements.

Reduced operating costs

  • Provide High-Speed ​​Internet Access
  • Share office equipment to reduce costs

Routing and switching tools can have a multiplying effect on a company’s net profit. You can save money by sharing material, such as printers and servers, and services, such as Internet access. A reliable network is also developing along with your enterprise, eliminating the need for replacement as your needs grow.

Enhanced protection

  • Reduce Risks

Protect your essential business information. Since high-speed Internet connections are always on, you may be vulnerable to security risks. Also, include viruses, spyware, Internet attacks, email attacks, and other security issues pose a real threat. By installing a network solution with switches and routers, you can protect essential business data.

Using remote connections

  • Do work from anywhere
  • Provide secure remote access for mobile workers

Globalization has changed our working methods. Virtual groups, mobile workers, and home-based employees always need shared access to information. Modern businesses require networks that can connect employees, suppliers, partners, and customers, regardless of their location: in a similar city or on the other side of the world. Using a remote connection via VPN, employees can gain secure access to corporate resources and tools, working more productively.

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Getting started with routing and switching

Consequently, understanding the methods by which routing and switching technologies can help. The next step is to determine if you have the right platform to meet the needs of your company.

Quality of existing equipment

Network products intended for customers or home use are not able to withstand the race and perform tasks.


Make an Investment on a network that can profits. Ultimately you can add features and capabilities when the company needs them. Add-ons may include new applications, for example, for video surveillance. Also, IP-telephony, integrated messaging, and wireless communications.

Easy connection

Make sure your routing and switching equipment is easy to install, use, and administer. For example, switches with a built-in power supply allow you to place material. Including wireless access points and IP phones at any end where there are wall-mounted network connectors.


Business crises can range from power outages to hurricanes, including all intermediate options. Your organization’s ability to run smoothly during disasters based on network safety. A network specifically designed to provide high security and redundancy. It will give the necessary guarantee that your business will continue.

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