Top Features You Need in an Online Assessment Platform

Many educational institutes and workplaces are now switching to a completely remote form of learning and working, utilizing fewer resources with the same quality of results.

Assessment platforms have made it easier for institutions to conduct examinations domestically and internationally. With the right partner guiding you through setting up your online assessment, you will be able to achieve a truly seamless experience.

1. Efficient and Fair

Online assessments are more efficient to set up and process than a typical examination. With the Janison Online Assessment Platform, you could set up your exam within 30 minutes and deliver results within a day to the candidates.

Ascertain that the platform you will be using can quickly set up examinations and that there will be a controlled exam-taking environment for all the candidates. There should be multiple quality checks within the software to ensure equity in the exam-taking process.

Whether or not your candidates have stable internet or almost zero internet access, no candidate should be left behind during the process. Since you will not need to hire more personnel and logistics to conduct the exam, it becomes more efficient for you in terms of cost and resources too.

2. Engages Candidates

In a conventional situation, your organization can only deliver the exam through pen and paper. However, when you do it online, there are multiple resources that you can use to make the exam more engaging and interactive for your candidates.

Before you sign up on an online assessment platform, check whether they support multiple interactive types of content like videos and animations to be used within the exam to provide a holistic exam experience for your candidates.

3. Data Security

The last thing you want is that sensitive information about your exams and your candidates is leaked to a third party for misuse. Ensure that the online assessment platform you will be utilizing is fully protected against data breaches and cyber-attacks.

Janison Online Assessment Platform offers its clients security through an audit trail. Every action performed by all users is saved and can later be viewed by overseers to ensure complete transparency and security.

4. In-depth Analytics

An essential feature that every good online assessment platform should have is a robust analytics system. With the ideal analytics keeping track of past trends, monthly test data, and other statistics, there will never be a problem categorizing your test data again.

Good analytics will enable you to tweak your curriculum and teaching methods based on assessment outcomes. The results of the changes are monitored with future assessments, which lets you better your curriculum over time.

The best online assessment platforms will let you create custom reports and insights catered to your specific needs. Also Read – What Is The Fraud Triangle?

5. Find the Ideal Assessment Platform for Your Needs

Online assessments have become the new method to keep your costs to a minimum while optimizing your resources to deliver a great exam experience to the candidates.

Many platforms have also begun to provide offline examination centers and digital proctoring services so that logistics never become a hassle for your organization when you are getting these services.

When you are looking for the perfect online assessment platform that can match the requirements of your organization, consider these essential features before finalizing your decision.