Products to Consider for Your Promotional Golf Merchandise

The craze of golf and related merchandise is ever increasing. Some of the primary reasons driving this growth are increasing private consumption, the growing popularity of the game, and the construction of golf courses all through the globe. It also means golf merchandise can be the right way to reach these people.

Promotional golf merchandise can include a wide range of products, like hats, shirts, pins, and towels, with a logo or slogan on them. These items are primarily aimed at golfers, but they’re also a good option for anyone else who needs a little extra advertising.

Here are some top options to consider when buying golf merchandise for promotion.

Why Promotional Golf Merchandise?

  • Provides a company with unlimited marketing potential.
  • Connects the business with all members of society, even those that may not be your typical customers.
  • Increases brand awareness and customer loyalty.
  • Allows you to stay alert and updated with current and potential customers.
  • Golf is a sport that doesn’t discriminate by gender, age, race, sexual orientation, religion, or ability.
  • Allows for increased exposure of your organization at a minimal cost.

Golf Balls

Everyone knows that golf balls make a great promotional product. Look no further than custom imprinted golf balls when you want to hit a hole in one with your brand. Callaway®, Titleist®, Nike®, and more brands are available in every color of the rainbow.

When creating your promotional golf balls, there are thousands of different styles, brands, and price points to consider. The most popular are the standard logo-printed balls with multi-color imprints.

Other popular features include glow-in-the-dark balls, multi-colored sets, and custom logo golf balls. For maximum visual impact, try adding a pattern that’s reflective or metallic. Also Read – 5 Essential Techniques to Help You Grow Your Business


It may seem logical to sell a golf ball marker with an advertisement on it. But have you ever seen a golfer use a ball marker mid-game? You’ll more likely see them drinking from their favorite cup. So, if you’re looking for promotional golf merchandise, consider starting with mugs and tumblers, as these works just as well on a golf course as they do in everyday life.


People often wear a hat on all occasions, especially when it is sunny outside or to protect their heads from extreme cold. It means that hats have high versatility and flexibility.

The design of the hat can be unique and professional. With your logo imprinted on it, potential customers will quickly see your brand when they encounter you in the tournament field or during practice time.

Towel Set

A towel set is not only helpful but can be branded as well. The towel will allow people to dry off after a round of golf quickly or can be used as a mat to prevent slipping on grass or rough ground, which could save you from an unfortunate slip and fall. If you would like, you can have your business logo embroidered on them as well.


If you want to go with a gift item, consider golf shirts. They make good promotional merchandise since most golfers can wear them and constantly be reminded of your business. Ensure that your company logo and name appear on every shirt you give away, and then tag each one with your company logo. This way, people will know who gave them these shirts, and they’ll be happy about it. Also Read – Why Businesses Should Have eCommerce Operations

Final Words

The selection of items that you choose to include in your golf merchandise for promotion will play an imperative role in determining if your advertising campaign is successful. The type of items that you use can vary, depending on whether you’re advertising to customers in person or through digital means.

Keep in mind that promotional golf merchandise serves as an advertisement for different services and products, from construction companies to insurance agencies.